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Wedding Update: Viddyahs a la Mercy

July 13, 2011

Our friend carefully documented some of the important sights and sounds of our matrimonial celebration.  Thank you times mucho, Mercy!


View from the ceremony area

We made this rock that served as our stage for the wedding ceremony.  It was created from plywood and masonry mix and the creative brain of Tom.

View from the reception area

The camera pans across Crow Hollow, sweeping over the fallow field in which we created our little tent city of mayhem.

The yurt

It’s a traditional Mongolian Ger (pronounced gair).  Jason started with a pile of wood and a bolt of canvas.   Here stands the wedding gift he promised his bride back in October of 2010.  With the help of Gretchen’s expert seamstress brain and many hours with a power tool in his hands, the project was done by late June 2011.  Phew.  Just in time.


Homemade marshmallows made in the kitchen of Jason’s Mom.  Lots of flavors.  Nom.

Tunisian Dance with zills

A lovely dance created by Christine and Maria Hamer, rooted in Tunisian tradition.  I’ll shut up so you can watch.


We searched for antique typewriters, found three of them, had them cleaned up at a local office supply shop, tea dyed squares of muslin to varying shades and asked our guests to type a message to us on the muslin.  We might make a textile piece, we might make a book.  Dunno.  Reading these messages when we returned home after the wedding brought tears to our eyes.  Our friends and family are so lovely…and odd…mostly lovely.


Our friend Katie performed this mesmerizing dance for our guests.  We loved every second of it.  I’m sure she didn’t love the part where this video begins…it was a few seconds after she swallowed a bit of lamp oil.  That’s love and friendship right there.  Fire, heat, Viking metal and the poison control center (the video ends before Amon Amarth came on the sound system).

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