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All the Updates

October 9, 2012

So, things I haven’t really talked about here – pretty much everything.  Like most things in my life, I have big hopes of doing great things, but I often fall short.

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Something more Formal

July 10, 2012

So far, I’ve been posting about my new home from my phone, which means – Photo, some text, post!  But today, I thought I’d actually WRITE  A POST about how this happened.

But then again, I’m not sure how this happened?


We had committed pretty heavily to the idea that we were going to be apartment dwellers.  There was no need for a house with its yards and upkeep and all of that to distract from what we wanted to do.  But then, one day, that flipped, and an apartment wasn’t enough for us to do what we wanted to do.

At first, Jason thought we’d buy a super low price house and fix it up from scratch. I say “Jason thought” because there was no way I thought I’d be up for that task. Right now, painting seems an endless pursuit of some sort of state of “finished”, and I kinda grew up in a house that was never finished. While I’m all behind reclaiming, I’m not necessarily the best one to do it.

After a first house showing of a very little house in a place that I wasn’t sure I wanted to live, we decided to get a buyer’s agent.  My friend Kristen was also looking for a house and said that she was very happy with Jaime Druck. Muppets and indian food aside, Jaime made this really super easy for us–I couldn’t have been happier with her! Jaime caught on quickly to the fact that we wanted a hard, honest opinion, and she remembered what we liked and didn’t like. She urged us to push on areas where we were perhaps too confined, but also recognized elements that we did not want to budge.   That is very helpful when you’re in an emotional place in response to a house.

We also Laughed a LOT.

I was significantly less happy with the process for getting the loan squared away, but in the end, it all came together.


Yes, we bought a house in Riverwest. I was rather set on Bayview, but after being stiffed out of a house there (thank god, really) I began to open up to the idea of living on the East Side again.  Jason had been less than subtle in his hinting that he would love to live there again. I was less sure. I’d lived on the East Side for some time, and I had this real sense that going back to that part of town was me trying to be someone I’m not.  Or settling for something based on a trend rather than a real desire. Perhaps its lame, but I like having a parking space.

When we went to see this house, it was sort of a whim? The photos were beautiful, and where it was placed was basically the border between Riverwest and the East Side. Something about being on that edge of the trendy East Side and the edge of the Artists’ Community seemed to …fit? What’s more, it’s a victorian house, something I have always been interested in, but updated.  That combination of old and new seemed to fit us too. Not only could we be a steward of the past moving into the future, but we wouldn’t be tired and poor in the process. We could grow into this house, but it wasn’t too big for us. It offers opportunity to change and explore our interests, but also a solid foundation and structure that might curb us from the more whimsical things.

It’s also across the street from an Alterra, which Jason loves.

Basically, this house felt like home when we walked in.

Hearts of Palm, Roman Column, Classic Hard Work

July 4, 2012

As you can imagine, we are covered in paint. This is the difference in color–we are painting the kitchen green. For those of you who know us, yes, again. Lighter green this time.


I’m a big fan of secret messages, though.

Jason and me, and love makes three.

This is what it looks like now that the walls are done, complete with the painting of trim. I never knew there were so many WHITES. You can see that the door on the left is the original white, and the trim is creamier. Also–this was my first ceiling painting experience. Ugh.


Cleansed in more than one way

July 1, 2012


Today we paint the kitchen, now that we have decided that we don’t hate the green on the wall. Painting, of course, starts with TSP washing of the walls. I’d much rather go straight to the fulfilling experience of transformation. But as ever, when transformation is not done organically, is rushed into before preparing oneself, it is less likely to stick for the long haul. So. We wash the walls.

First, though, we walked through the house and smudged the space–a little hangover from my pagan rooted ways. Every room and every corner got smoked. So here I am, washing kitchen walls with my music playing. It’s a beautiful life.


July 1, 2012

So, a brief little update here to say that there will be a number of brief little updates coming soon.  I intend to send photos here often to show before and after of what we’re doing in the space.

Today is painting day!  We’re going to go in and paint ceilings, trim, and the kitchen walls.  We shall see how far we get.  Last night we painted a little of the wall to check that we really do like the green we chose.  Today we will see how it looks in good light.

So – onto the projects!


First Day: Just Stepping In

July 1, 2012

Today was the first day we got access to the house and it was ours. Empty of the old, ready for the new.

The sellers left us a housewarming gift:



First Anniversary: Paper

July 1, 2012


The first anniversary is the paper anniversary. We decided to give each other a mortgage.